A 4th or 5th Grade US Geography Videoconference Project

This project is designed for 4th or 5th grade students studying US geography. Through video conference technology, students are able to meet other students while learning about cities and states in the United States. Prior to the video conference each classroom will create a presentation with clues about their state and city. The other classrooms, using maps, the Internet, textbooks, and other resources, will try to discover the mystery location presented by each participating classrooms.
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Flyer: MQUSA-Flyer.doc

Note Taking Form: MQUSANotesForm.doc
Cost: Free for Berrien RESA's schools. $35 for everyone else. (Limited scholarships available.)

2 hour Videoconference Agenda

  • 5 min. Introductions and Videoconference Directions (Janine Lim will moderate) (NO SCHOOL INTRODUCTIONS as some people are presenting their actual location).
  • 55 min. Classroom Presentations (5-7 min. each for 6 presentations)
  • 30 min. The Quest: Locating Sites (Classrooms divide into 5 teams to pin-point the mystery locations presented by the other 5 classrooms. During this time each team will come up with one yes/no question to ask each of the other classrooms.)
  • 10 min. Question and Answers: Be prepared and efficient! This section will be tightly moderated. (Classroom 1 answers all questions. Classroom 2 answers all questions, etc. )
  • 10 min. Classroom teams 'reevaluate' their answers.
  • 5 min. Each classroom presents their guesses to the clues.
  • 5 min. Correct mystery locations revealed by each classroom.
  • Congratulations and sign-off.

Credit: This project is modeled after the Where in the USA project by Learning Space (1996-2004).