Preparation Information

Preparing Your Classroom Presentation:

  1. Choose ONE STATE to present. Five or six states total will be presented. Email your state right away to Janine Lim at so she can check for duplicates. First come first serve. If you want to present your own state, be sure to submit ASAP!
  2. In the presentation, give the required clues in your presentation.
  3. Prepare a visual to reveal the answer to your presentation (city & country).
  4. Make sure all students have paper to take notes on all the presentations. This way if one team figures out a mystery quickly they can help another team.

Tips for shorter preparation time:
  • Have all your sections do the same city/state
  • Use the same visuals (posters/PowerPoint) for all your sections

Fast Transitions
  • Know the schedule and have your students up at the mic ready to go.
  • When you’re about to present, have some kids taking notes and the others getting ready to go.

Helpful Resources from Other Projects